Hey! Welcome to Love, Kate’s Kitchen where you can find delicious bakes that just happen to be 100% gluten-free always and all ways.

About Me…

I am Kate Gale. I am a Plymouth, MI based, cottage industry, gluten-free inclusive baker. I live in a dedicated gluten-free home with my partner and elderly, yet youthful, tripawd dog Turk. I believe that coffee is a food group, and that tea tastes better in the afternoon. I have a weird knack for remembering songs from the 90’s and early 2000’s yet can never remember anything that I need at the store.

When I discovered I needed to be gluten-free, the transition was difficult for me to navigate. I didn't really know much about being gluten-free and at that time (11 years ago) the community, and my own mindset, was much smaller than it is today. I felt alone, isolated, and honestly hungry on my journey. I know that food brings people together and I believe that food can be an inclusive tool to connect with others. I want to bring joy to people through great tasting bakes that all can share with gluten-free or regular gluten friends and family! Delicious bakes, that happen to be gluten-free, can be for everyone!


My hope is to bring people together through food; to bring joy and inclusion to the gluten-free and speciality diet community through baking.

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